Pastoral Transition 

Questions and Answers

On Jan. 17, 2016, Pastor George Morrison cast vision for both 2016 & beyond. He has named Jason King as the next Senior Pastor, the next generation leader of Faith Bible Chapel to continue the church’s mission to change lives and change the world.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions!
We want communication to flow and His peace to flow during this time.

There are several ways to reach us:
Text message: 303-549-5431
Voice mail: 303-424-2121 option 7 or 303-549-5431
We will do our best to respond to each and every question.


“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Jeremiah 29:11

    1. Why the change? What precipitated it?
      This has been a process that has been under discussion with the Elders for many years. There has not been a “triggering event,” simply recognition of what God has been doing.
    2. When will the transition be completed? What day will Pastor Jason officially become the Senior Pastor?
      Much thought and prayer has been dedicated to the transition. The goal is to complete the transition by early 2017.
    3. Were Pastor George and Cheryl “pressured” to make this move?
      No, no one has pressured them to make this move; they are much loved at Faith Bible Chapel! However, both Pastor George and Cheryl recognize that it is time to look forward for the future of the church; it is time to mentor the next generation of leaders.
    4. Is Pastor George making this move for health reasons?
      No, Pastor George is in great health.
    5. Will Pastor George and Cheryl have a place after they transition from their current roles?
      Yes! Pastor George and Cheryl will remain on staff in a new role and will continue to minister at Faith Bible Chapel. They will continue to teach, preach, serve on the Elder board, be our ambassadors to Israel, etc.
    6. Are Pastor George and Cheryl leaving? Are they going to start another church?
      No, Pastor George and Cheryl are planning to continue participating in Faith Bible Chapel. This is their home and they are excited to take on a fresh, new assignment here at Faith Bible Chapel.
    7. Who was involved in the process of approving Pastor Jason and Sheryl? How did they come to this decision?
      Over the last several years, there has been much prayer and discussion regarding the future leadership of Faith Bible Chapel. As we sought the Lord, it became clear as to the direction the Lord was leading us. Pastor George and the Board of Elders were unanimous that God has fully equipped, prepared and called Pastor Jason King to be the next Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Chapel.
      Our Elder Board is made up of: Elling Myklebust, Gary Moschetti, Larry Strait, Michael Hegarty, Russ Frase, Don Blietz, Pastor Doug Newcomb, Pastor George Morrison, Phil Waters, Brian Wall, Pastor Roger Gerard and Pastor Jeff Rasor.
    8. What is Jason’s vision for Faith Bible Chapel? Does he have a different vision for our future?
      Pastor Jason’s vision for our church is for us to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for us as a church family, in the community and around the world. We will continue to stand on the foundation of who we are and what God calls us to do in the future: change lives and change the world!
    9. Was Pastor Jeff terminated? Was there some type of conflict?
      Absolutely not. Pastor Jeff was not terminated and there was not a conflict or disagreement. He has done exactly what God, Pastor George, and the Elders asked of him: to help pave the way for Faith Bible Chapel’s future.
    10. How then was this transition realized? Will he and Janette stay at Faith Bible Chapel?
      This is a God-ordained transitional point in Pastor Jeff’s life, one in which he has completely sought the direction of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom found in the Elders. Through prayer, it became apparent that Jeff had completed his Faith Bible Chapel staff role and reached the finish line of God’s assignment at Faith Bible Chapel. Yes, Jeff and his family will continue at Faith Bible Chapel. Jeff will remain as a Faith Bible Chapel Elder.
    11. What does the future hold for Pastor Jeff, Janette, and his family?
      hrough this process, Jeff has felt God rebirthing his dreams and desires to expand his kingdom impact. Much of Jeff’s gifting surrounds leadership development and strategy for businesses, non-profits, and churches as well as leading and pastoring individuals through strategic LifePlan experiences. To that end, he will be re-launching his consulting firm, which began in 2011, with the opportunity to have immense business and kingdom ministry impact for years to come.
    12. How are things between Pastor Jeff and Pastor Jason?
      Pastor Jeff and Pastor Jason have a great relationship and plan to continue that into the future. They have known each other for nearly 20 years – not only as men of God, but as friends, as brothers-in-law, and as co-laborers in God’s kingdom.
    13. What does the future hold for Carr Street?
      The Carr Street campus is going strong and will continue to gain momentum and strength in the future! This vital ministry will continue!
    14. Will Pastor Blake continue to be the Campus Pastor at Carr Street?
      Yes, Pastor Blake Mattocks will continue to be our Campus Pastor at Carr Street.
    15. Will the Prayer Chapel services continue?
      The Prayer Chapel services will remain a valuable part of our church family. We are thankful for the continued leadership of Pastor Dennis and Cindy Connor and Pastor Randy Ziemer.
    16. Will this impact my ministry?
      Our current ministry programs align well with the direction and character of Faith Bible Chapel. We do not expect our ministries to change any more than they typically do from year to year.
    17. Will we continue to support Israel and our worldwide missions outreach?
      Unequivocally, yes. Israel and missions outreach are cornerstones of our church.
    18. Will there be staffing changes?
      The staff will continue to serve Faith Bible Chapel and the congregation. We do not anticipate staffing changes any more than is usual in the life of a church staff.
    19. How will this transition impact our Israel outreach?
      Pastor Rod Ginn will continue to work with the many faithful volunteers who are invested in this ministry. Pastor Rod will continue to work closely with Pastor George and Cheryl as Faith Bible Chapel continues to reach out to the Jewish people.
    20. How can I pray?
      We are excited for this transition and are confident about where God is leading us for 2016 and beyond. In all of these decisions, the Elders consider the health and well-being of the Faith Bible Chapel family. It is an honor to continue to serve in ministry together with each of you!
      Please pray for Pastor George and Cheryl and Pastor Jason and Sheryl as we work together to transition into the future.
      Please pray for Pastor Jeff and Janette as they go forward into the new vision that the Lord has placed upon their hearts.
      Please pray that we will continue to be united as a church family, because we know that the enemy will oppose everything that moves forward to advance the cause of Christ.

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